Thursday, April 1, 2010

I am happy to annouce the new location for Therapy Connections, MA! We have moved to the first floor within the same building into Suite B-5.

Other news:
Therapy Connections will be offering social-pragmatic language groups this summer. The groups will meet for 6 weeks in July and August. Groups will be formed according to age and level of skill and will target specific social skills that are needed for social and home success. Please contact Elisabeth Kranz for additional information regarding prices, schedules, and curriculum.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Services Provided:
Assessment: Speech and language testing is available to identify/diagnose or monitor progress of your child’s areas of strength and weakness.

Intervention: Speech/Language therapy to address delays or disabilities in the following areas:
-Receptive Language
-Expressive Language
-Pragmatic Language
-Social Skills
-Executive Functioning
-Play skills

Individual and group sessions

Description of Therapy:
Elisabeth’s speech/language sessions are 45-minutes in length. Forty minutes are for direct services and then 5-minutes for parent consult. During this time, carry-over activities and/or homework are provided, reviewed, and modeled with parents. This is an important piece of the child’s therapeutic experience, as home support is essential for generalization of learned skills. The therapy sessions are child-centered and play based.

“Elisabeth has a creative, enthusiastic interactive style with children, which allowed her to develop genuine rapports with her clients and establish secure and enjoyable therapeutic environments.” –Maura D. Tourian M.S. CCC-SLP

“Elisabeth displays a solid foundation of critical thinking and practical skills, and is able to integrate content from the overlapping fields of medical speech-language pathology, reading, cognitive neuropsychology and speech-language science.” Charles Haynes Ed. D., CCC-SLP

“Her children make considerable gains in a shorter period of time than other therapists I have worked with.” Jan Banik M.S., CCC-SLP